Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cath Kidston (esque) Laptop Bag and some knitting

Free parking on a Sunday at my local mall equals some early morning retail therapy.  Today didn't dissappoint as I picked up this gorgeous laptop bag from Primark.  They had these earlier in the year but only in a pale blue ditsy print which didn't tempt me, but this vibrant rose print on a black background did, think it looks very sophisticated.
Cath Kidston look alike laptop bag £8 Primark
Now I don't cart my lappy around much these days but it stays in my lounge and now when not in use it looks sooo much prettier don't you think.  Actually I wish they would make the covers of laptops in prints like these, the standard silver/black is rather dull and dreary.  Come on PC makers give us something pretty to keep out on our tables.

Onto things of a more woolly nature is  my chunky blanket. These are everywhere in the shops and Laura Ashley have some particularly yummy ones, but boy are they pricey and not for my little budget.  Some searching around online and I found just the pattern for my limited skills and by chance I also had the right wool for it in my stash.
Knitted blanket
I'm using Size 8mm circular needles as there are a lot of stitches.  I've not knitted on these type of needles before but have to say I'm finding they work really well for the blanket as you don't get the weight of the item pulling down on your needles, the knitting just rests in your lap the whole time.
Hip to be Square blanket - Source Ravelry
Hoping mine looks half as good as this when it is done. 

The pattern comes from Ravelry and is a free download with other pictures and wool suggestions too.  I find myself going to this site a lot for information and ideas.  Head on over there and take a look at all the wonderful things people make with wool and some needles.

Thanks for popping by.

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  1. That is a nice pattern - have bought a book on sock knitting recently to use some wool I bought ermmm 5 years ago - lol

  2. That bag is great! I keep looking at laptop bags but don't think I ever put mine down enough to use one!

    Victoria x

  3. The bag is gorgeous and such a bargain too! Love the blanket you are knitting, very cosy!
    Rachel x

  4. My laptop bag is boring black, that new one is gorgeous! My lappy is a biggie though (17" screen)
    Good luck with the blanket, it looks like a great pattern!

  5. LOVE that laptop bag. I'm after a nice one but stuggling so I may have to pop into town and pick up that one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great laptop bag.
    Hooray for Primark...Em x

  7. Love that laptop bag!!!! Good luck with the blanket, it looks really good so far!!!

  8. That is certainly a vibrant looking laptop bag.


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