Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fabric Dollshouse - how cute!

Doing a bit of surfing as you do and came across this most adorable Fabric Dollshouse by Gisele Grahame.

Fabric Dollshouse - Gisele Graham
Just look at those colours, I'd love to live in a house like this.  And the inside is just as cute.
Fabric Dollshouse (interior) - Gisele Graham
What little girl wouldn't love this as a present, or an older girl for that matter, i.e me!  They are not cheap at rrp £54 but there's a lot of work gone into that.  Or if like me you love to sew then this would be a great project as you don't actually need loads of fabric and could use up lots of scraps, and we all have a ton of those stashed away don't we. 

Scottie dog welcomes you home!
I'm off back to my traditional brick house now and will probably be working out how I could cover it all in fabric LOL.  Enjoy your day.

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  1. awww how lovely :D I'd love that house to be real house size so i can live in it tehe! xx

  2. That is so lovely, you don't have to be little either to want one...x

  3. How gorgeous is that house!!!
    I want one too!!!!

    Sharon xx

  4. How cute is that. If you work out how to make one let us know!!

  5. Isn't it gorgeous! I might even know a little girl who would love one!!!! and if she didn't her mum would!!!

  6. Oh that is gorgeous! I am so tempted to try and make something similar, it is so pretty!

  7. I'm after one for my youngest - I found a bargain on a little website called kitoto but it's closed down at the moment - boo!


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