Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cath Kidston Factory Shop now open

Cath Kidston Store Front
And it's in my part of the world for a change!  CK moved their warehouse operation recently and there were rumours that there would be a mini outlet type shop a while ago and I had begun to think the idea had been shelved then I saw this link today on their website

For any of you Cambridgeshire based bloggers out there the shop is open 7 days a week and I for one will be popping down this weekend to have a looky.  I promise to report back on what it's like, prices, and hopefully a few sneeky piccies.

They are also opening a normal store in the city of Cambridge near the Market Square but no dates for that one yet.  Oh I just can't cope with all this excitement! LOL.

Thanks for popping by. x


  1. Wil you go there daily Karen lol

    Enjoy, looking forward to seeing the pics

    mandi x

  2. Guess where I shall by going next week...x

  3. Thanks for this info, I'll look forward to having a CK in Cambridge when I go for my visits,

    Victoria xx

  4. Wish I lived near Cambridge, I'd be her "bestest" customer!!! Thanks for sharing, Lucey xx

  5. The cambridge store opens on the 11th December and is going to be on market hill. I only live a few miles form the St. Neots store, I might bump into you xx

  6. I went to the factory shop a couple of weeks ago and it's just like one of the stores, lots of lovely vintage crates with bits and bobs for decorations and plenty of stuff to oogle at. I managed to find a glasses case and a purse for cheap prices but you really have to look hard, making sure your not purchasing something that's slightly damaged.
    Sarah is right the store will be at 31 market hill and as far as i'm aware it opens on the 9th december as my friend has a job there.

  7. oohh I will have to make a trip there me thinks :-) Thanks for the tip off.

  8. I just love her things- there are a few shops that carry some of her things in the US, but not enough for me! so lovely

  9. Ooooh thanks for the info!! I can pop by when i visit my friend who loves there!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a fantastic New Year!!

  10. Well I went to the factory shop and defo worth the trip, thanks for the top off.
    Happy New Year..x


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