Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some treasures from my high street

From my blog recently you would be forgiven for thinking that I had given up the thrifting lark.  Perish the thought!  I can't see myself ever being able to walk down a high street without popping into the odd CS or two, it's embedded in my genes.  To that end I've been busy sorting through all the 'STUFF' as my OH likes to call it, to share with you guys.  Are ya ready?
 This little tin looked so cute, it had a handle missing but that didn't bother me and it was only 99p.
When I got it home all these were inside it! Aren't they just diddy.  I've taken them out of the main tin so I can use it for something else and spent ages decanting all my herbs, although the names don't match so must put labels on them as relying on my not so good sense of smell at the moment to identify them.

I have fond memories of these wooden building blocks.  They used to come in little wooden trollies, I had one as a child and would put my little baby sister it when she was just tiny and wheel her around the lounge. I did always cover her with a nice knitted blanket so she was comfortable, honest!  Anyways this lot are destined to be painted with letters on for around the home, oh and to share with my sister of course.

Obvious what this is for!  It is sitting on my kitchen dresser now, much better than the plastic thing I had before.
How many baskets do I have?  Who cares, baskets are beautiful and you have to have lots as there are just so many uses for them.  This one being knitting storage by the fire.

Gorgeous bunch of hearts, they are quite chunky but very lightweight, courtesy of an antiques emporium up the road from me, not antique I know but I love em.
They had this little metal one too.  It reminds me of the ones you can get over at Vintage Amethyst who sell the most delightful items for the home, I know as I'm lucky enough to own a few.  You should pop on over and have a browse.

So my thrifty side of me is happier now that I've gotten to share my loot with like minded people.  The OH just doesn't get it and is bored after a mere nano second of me showing them to him.

Next up will be my CK outlet store purchases.  Till then, take care and thank you for popping by. xx


  1. Now those wooden blocks bring back so many memories!

    Victoria xx

  2. what great finds, the basket is lovely i have one myself abit bigger than that which i also put my wool in x


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