Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cath Kidston Factory buys

Since it's opening back in Oct/Nov last year I have managed to rack up a few purchases, sssh don't tell my bank manager.  Like a lot of people I do think that her items are over priced and if it weren't for this little haven of reduced goodies I would probably own but a couple of bits.  Anyhows I'd thought I would share with you the fruits of my visits and see what you think.  You will notice a bit of a frock theme going on.
Frock No. 1 - my first purchase, £20 and surprisingly the medium fit me which was good as the only one they had on the rail.  I like to wear it with Emus and a long sleeve tshirt underneath.
Frock No. 2 - well tis a tad short for a frock but can just get away with it if thick tights are worn beneath - £20.  This is a very soft cotton and has pockets in the side seams which I love to stuff my hands in.
Frock No.3 - Longer version of frock no.2 style in the check that I like so much. Slightly dearer at £30 but very comfy and could wear without tights in the summer, here's hoping.
This cute little grab bag was a Xmas pressie from my darling sister, she has no problem buying me pressies now with the shop on our doorsteps.  Even she is slightly hooked now.
Another obsession I have is the gadget cases.  They are brilliant value and are super soft and squidgy on the inside to protect your valuable items.  I have my camera, iTouch and Blackberry in them.  Feel I need to get some more of these beauties.
Now I'm ever hopeful that we are going to have a nice summer and I can stroll down the town with this lovely lined basket and fill it with veggies from our Farmers Market.  I like that it stands up even when empty some baskets tend to topple over which drives me nuts. - £12
A cover for my iTouch, makes it really nice to hold and doesn't slip out of your hand.
Fabric, fabric, fabric, love, love, love.  That's all I can say about!
Last piccie, finally I've reached the end and hopefully haven't bored you all to death!  Assorted key fobs, some bought, some gifted.  Being large these babies mean I can now grab my keys from the bottom of my overstuffed bag easily, which is brilliant when it is chucking it down with rain I can tell you.

Anyone else been to the store?  What did you buy?  What's your favourite items?

Thank you for popping by, Lolo. xx


  1. Good for you at getting all those dresses and bag at bargain prices, I'm so jelous!! Lucey xx

  2. Love all of your purchases. I have a Cath Kidston shop nearby which I dive into every time they have a sale just so I can snap up a bargain. I love her large tote bags, great for throwing everything in. Also, I agree, her keyrings are fab for being able to grab your keys! I also love all the little gadget cases as I'm sadly a bit of a handbag tidy-upper and tend to have everything in its own little pochette. I don't know why I have to organise my bag so much, but find it really therapeutic! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed seeing all your gorgeous things. Em x

  3. oh you have got some fab things there, enjoy x

  4. Wow what lovely goodies you got and such reasonable prices. Can't believe I have never seen your blog before so I have added to you to my Google reader so I can keep up. I was a cardmaker until I started full time work 4 years ago and don;t have time now but I used to love it your cards are absolutely gorge xxx

  5. Oooooh what a lovely CK selection!! I will have to get there one of these days with prices like those!!
    Happy days : D


  6. Very lovely creations, greeting from Belgium

  7. Well you certainly did well didn't you!

    Victoria xx


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