Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Cat in a box

Spring is in the air and that sends me into a decluttering frenzy and always involves new storage items.  Said new storage item from Ikea was taken out of it's plastic and built.  I literally turned around to pick up some punches to pop in it and this is what I saw when I turned back!
That'll do nicely thanks mum!  Buy him a nice sized cat bed, doesn't wanna know.  Buy a tiny box half his size and he's getting in no matter what.  Yup that's cats for ya!


  1. Brilliant! Ernie tries to get in my bag whenever he can. And squeezing into paper bags is apparently a barrel of cat laughs. I bought Eric and Ernie a lovely cat igloo and the pair of them just looked at it and walked off. I'm feeling your pain! Em xx


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