Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Shopping

I've decided I need to organise my blogging, it's become very erratic of late. So I'm going to try having a couple of themed days (inspired by other lovely blogs) that will hopefully focus me a bit more. I quite often can be found on a Sunday morning nipping to the high street or in the warmer weather a car boot or two. For me Sunday morning shopping is nice, not the madness that it can be on it's sister day Saturday. There may be a few retailers who don't open their doors but that's fine with me and a small price to pay for the peacefulness as I browse amongst the rails. Blimey I think I may be turning into one of those 'grumpy old women'. Well it was bound to happen some time ;O)   So would you like to see what I lugged back with me today then.

After seeing these all over blogland of course it would be rude not to get myself a couple of bracelets.  I also saw these cute polka dot tins, love, love anything with spots on (not my face though) and these tins were even better as they have candles in them.  £1.50 each and they smell like fresh washing.
One of the things that instantly makes me think of summer is the sound of women flipping their flip flops as they walk, it just warms my heart.  These little pink and green ones are very summery don't you think.
And these ones are perfect for evenings in the garden with the twinkle lights on and chilled glass of wine.  Both pairs are a mere £1.50 each, amazing!
As someone who lives in their jim jams at every opportunity I get through a fair few pairs.  Some lighter weight ones were needed and these were in the sale and the top has polka dots on the back.  £4.00 for the set and they are super soft and light.  Primark really does come in handy when you are on a budget.
To finish off here's a random purchase I made the other day at my local charity store.  It's a little big on me and needs to be shorter I think so will have to put my thinking cap on and get the old chine whirring.  Any of you lovely ladies got any tips for me or have you altered a dress like this before.  Would really love some ideas to help me along.

I'm planning to have two regular posts a week, not sure what the other topic will be yet but watch this space.  Thanks for popping by and hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. xx


  1. Lovely buys, Lolo! I love nothing more that a good Primark purchase. xx

  2. 'Hi hun
    I LOVE flip flops too
    and live in me jammies 24/7...well almost lol

    Lots Love sweetie, sorry been so absent from here xx

  3. I'm a fan of Sunday morning shopping rather than Saturday's too!

    Victoria xx

  4. Great shopping finds. I can feel a trip to Primark coming on! The bracelets are fab. I love flowers and flowery jewellery, so may have to pick up one or three of those! Em xx


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