Sunday, 12 June 2011

Brighton - The Grand Hotel

It was the bank holiday weekend at the end of May and we were off on a trip with our friends to visit that well known resort on the English coastline, Brighton.  True to England the weather changed drastically that week from 8 weeks of sunshine to gale force winds and dark clouds.  Resulting in a rather larger than normal luggage load for a two night stay!
We arrived at our new home for the next few days, that lovely old lady, The Grand Hotel.  Greeted by porters dressed in their traditional uniforms, I’m sure they thought we were there for a month when they unloaded all our bags! 
It's hard to believe that nearly 27 years ago this tragedy happened.
When you walk into the lobby of this hotel the history and grandour take your breath away.  Yes she is a little tired around the edges but hey she’s been here a very long time!!
The staircase is rather impressive too!  Can't you just imagine elegant ladies making their entrance down these back in the 1920s.  Meeting with their friends for a cocktail or two in the elegant bar.
We stayed in one of their apartments up on the top floor, the Josephine Suite and we looked directly over the sea where that other old friend of Brighton, the original pier lies eerily out in the waters.  You can tell how grey it was that day as it is almost impossible to see where the water ends and the sky begins.
 Look how stunning it was in it's heyday, circ. 1929.
That evening we went out for a lovely meal and then onto the casino at the New Marina.  I myself was getting excited about the next day as we were off to the Lanes and a lady called Cath has a shop there that I just have to visit!  Lolo xx


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