Monday, 13 June 2011

Everything is gonna be all white

Saturday started off nice and sunny so it was out with the washing on the line.  Then on the way back into the house I looked at all the stuff piled up in a corner that I had collected over the past couple of years, still waiting to be made over.  I made an executive decision to stuff the housework, I was gonna get out the paint tin and brushes.  And I did literally there an then I started, still in my good clothes.  This is what I often do, stop one thing to start another, no preparation.  My sister would be horrified at my disorganisation and planning.
 Some of the items in their before state.
And this was the result after painting all afternoon.  The sun had gone in by now and it was getting a little chilly but I was pleased with what I had achieved.  They will need another coat of paint and some bits will need sealing so they can stay outside, not sure what to use for this so if anyone has any ideas for me that would be most helpful.
Cute enamel planter was a recent car boot find for £2 and just perfect for the reduced herb plants I got in Waitrose the other day.  I planted them into bigger pots with some good compost so hopefully they will last the season.
Old lantern from a local junk store, although I don't think it's old, might even be from Ikea?
Fell in love with this birdhouse at a garden show, and it was very reasonably priced at £7.  I need to find a proper home for it once the garden renovations are finished.  Do birds really nest is these things or are they just decor items?  I have no idea.

It felt great to finally be doing something with this lot and even better that it didn't matter what mess I made as the garden landscaping has yet to be started.  Please be sunny this Saturday so I can play some more!

Thanks for popping by.  Lolo xx


  1. Your makeovers are all looking lovely! I didn't think birds used those houses, but we have one at work and I heard lots of baby chirp-chirping coming from it the other day so it turns out that they do! x

  2. Oh its so amazing what a touch of paint does, i love the ladder its such a fab idea. Now i know i def have to get my gear on & tackle my fence. Have a great day
    Karen :)

  3. Your makeovers certainly went all white! Fabulous,

    Victoria xx

  4. I love all of your makeover work, just lovely. The ladder is a fantastic idea! I've really enjoyed reading all your blog posts today. You are always so postive and cheery. The little car is fab! I can totally relate to your feelings around your weight. I love jelly babies, and skittles and my weight just crept up slowly. I haven't found it hard to lose weight this time though as my focus has been on eating tasty healthy meals, and not weight loss so the feel of it all has been different. Are you on facebook Lolo? It would be lovely to connect if you fancied it. Em x

  5. You are a gal after my own heart. I can't count the number of times when I've got the urge to paint, and haven't changed first, despite being in my 'good' clothes. Your makeoevers are fab - I love the stepladders. My parents had a pair exactly the same and I think they are still somewhere, though goodness knows where. It's lovely to see a pair being loved like this.


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