Friday, 22 July 2011

Knitted Bunting Challenge

Womens Weekly magazine reaches its centenary this year and are going for a world record to celebrate.  They want to make the longest knitted bunting ever!  Currently the record is 8,982ft and 0.4inches, crikey!!  All contributors will be named on their stand which they are taking to shows across the country.

So fellow knitters, are you up for the challenge.  If you click here you can download the pattern and entry instructions.  Closing date is 19th September.  I think it will be fun and I am soo much better at getting things finished if there is a deadline.  Plus it can use up all my scraps of odd coloured wool.

I know someone already who this will be perfect for, my darling nan.  She's 86 young and knits everyday to keep her from nodding off, bless.  I shall be whizzing the pattern round to her this weekend.

Would love to know if you are going to make some so please do leave me a comment and we can all share piccies of our bunting creations.

Love Lolo xx


  1. Lovely idea - I will spread the word at my stitch and bitch group next week!

  2. Knitted bunting! Like my obsession with bunting wasn't bad enough as it is! Thanks for postig this, will spread the word. Em xx


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