Thursday, 21 July 2011

Garden Makeover - Part Two

Look I have grass!!!!  You can see what it looked liked before here - Garden Makeover - Part One.
A certain cat of mine, Alfie, has instantly taken to it and thinks it is his giant carpet to lounge around on.
The next day was the patios turn, they dug down quite deep then all the hardcore got bedded into it.  It's amazing watching all this transform.
The paving is going down next, which luckily has arrived in time, was a bit touch and go but they got here.  And yes a certain cat has taken a liking to them.
Can't wait for the slabs to go down.  The process so far has taken 4 days for the gardener, he's been brilliant.
I still haven't persuaded him to leave me his vintage garden roller though!  Isn't it beautiful.  Reminds me of my grandad in his garden many moons ago.  Aaah you gotta love nostalgia.

Love Lolo xx


  1. What a transformation! I love how puss-cats just go straight for the stuff they love and make it their own! I love that vintage roller too. :) Em x

  2. An overall beauty treatment intended to change or improve a appearance of a garden is known as garden makeover. i love this post.


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