Saturday, 2 July 2011

Let's Play Dress UP

Today was my niece's birthday, we had a lovely afternoon tea with my mum and nan.  My mum got to use her new cute teaset and cake stand and we all behaved like ladies and ate lots of yummy cream cakes.  
For her pressies she mostly had money as she is going on hols and wants some pretty new swimwear and we (us oldies) can't be trusted to buy the right ones!  Well at least I could choose how to make her card.
The dress is from one of my favourite papers out of the K&Company Dollshouse range, the flowers are by Prima and the velvet words are by Anna Griffin.  Oh and so is the pretty green resin flower.   I also wanted to make her something for her newly decorated bedroom and decided to go for something to go on her wall.
I took one of my vintage picture frames and sprayed it white, covered the backing with some cream cotton canvas and secured it with strong double sided tape.  The back of a paper pad (it's almost like chipboard)  was used to cut out 3 mannequins and then they got sprayed with grey paint.  Once dry these were then stuck to the canvas using hot glue.  I made a bunch of dresses and put sticky back velcro on them and voila, this is what I ended up with.
It's interchangeable too so she gets to dress her mannequins every day if she wants to.  I think this shows up better in the picture below.  Can you see how they are raised off the mannequins, that's the velcro as it's quite thick, would have liked thinner but don't know if they make it.
I made her a whole bunch of pretty dresses, some are covered with fabric and some are just paper.  To make the fabric ones look more shabby I used fine sand paper on the edges to give the fabric a worn look.  The necklaces are interchangeable too.  I had such fun making these and am thinking I want one for myself to play with, you're never too old to play dress up are you?!
I couldn't go without a close up of the cute little flower, these colours are just too adorable aren't they.

Monday morning I've got a skip, turf and a gardener turning up to transform the wilderness at the back of my house into something I can actually use.  A bit nervous as it's a big job but excited at the same time.  I'm sure I will be boring you all to death by the time it's finished with my endless before and after shots.  

Hope you are all well and having fun this weekend.  Thanks for popping by and leaving me sweet comments, I really do love to read through them.  Hugs. Lolo xx

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