Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's Been a Long Day!

Longest day today and thankfully it stayed very mild and mostly sunny here in Cambridgeshire which was very welcome and meant that at 10 O'Clock it still wasn't properly dark.  There's something special about being outside late at night in the warm still air.  The gardens are very quiet as my neighbours, being of the more mature age group, are already tucked up in bed with their coco.  Which means I can sit out here in the garden and simply listen to the stirring night wildlife and watch my cats leap around trying to grab things that to my human eyes look like they are not there at all! Tis very funny to observe.

Yesterday evening I never made it outside as I got seriously sidetracked practicing on my chine.  After all this time I have only just realised that I can use two spools of thread on it, how cool is that.  So I had to try it out didn't I.
This is what I ended up with, some beach huts all in a row.  Can you see the satin stitch, it's done with one needle and blue and white thread.  Because of the use of two threads it gives a really nice thick coverage.  I don't if you are meant to use two threads with one needle as there are stitch options on the machine using a twin needle, but hey it works.
All I need to do now is find a frame that actually fits it, or maybe I could just mount it onto some white board inside this frame, which by the way was pine but has been sprayed with white satin paint.
Some of the other stitches on the machine also looked great with the two colour threads.  If I get a chance I will post a piccie of all the different ones over the weekend.

Happy summer everyone, it officially started today apparently, so does that mean we get our heatwave they promised us?  Love Lolo xx

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