Friday, 23 September 2011

We Heart It

Was just having a little look at my stats, more to be nosey and see where my visits are coming from rather than how many and saw this We Heart It Entry!  Never heard of it before but my little post on Cath Kidston in The Lanes, Brighton has been hearted.  Is that grammatically correct?  It was Lissy Lou who hearted me and, if  it is the same Lissy Lou that I follow in blogland, thank you Lissy!

The site looks similar to Pinterest all be it on a much smaller scale?  Have you been HEARTED?  Do you use it?  Unlike Pinterest you do not need to wait for an invite so I may just go ahead and register.  No wonder I don't get any housework done!!  Am off to have a proper look around...............

Lolo xx

1 comment:

  1. yes it was me. Loved the image!!

    I am following you now too. I am so addicted to Weheartit. I know most people like pinterest but i prefer weheartit. xx


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