Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunny Sunday Pottering

What a beautiful weekend!  Anything I could find to wash went into the washing machine, came out and onto the line in the glorious sunshine.  Call me daft but I loved it!
When I had my garden done back in July I lost my 1950s original clothes line and concrete posts so at the moment I have improvised by winding a line randomly from the fence posts at the bottom of the garden.  I'll make up my mind in the spring, do I stick with the line method or go for one of those wurly things?  Have to say it is the line that is doing it for me so far.
I pottered around with my camera, the jasmine plant has gone wild this year and is nearly obscuring my new birdhouse.
These need to be picked fairly soon, much better than last year's sorry little green ones.  Am not a great lover of eating apples straight but do love a good apple pie and custard.
For those of you who follow my blog,  this is the new patio area on the left. No more sinking chairs in the mud and the ugly green wheelie bin has now been replaced by a shiny new Outback barbie.  Which I might add has managed a few outings this week making the most of the unexpected balmy evenings. 
New luscious lawn = lots and lots of mowing, nobody warned me of this.  Does grass always grow this darn quickly.  My tatty old little lawn was quite happy if I trimmed it every 10 days or so, this little baby has me out there every 3 days!
And finally a nap in the sun, does life get any better.  Love my little Alfie, earlier this week he had to go to the vet hospital to have a damaged front tooth out, he did look funny.  All right as rain now, just a rather large hole in my purse!  Worth every penny though.

Hope you all enjoyed our unexpected return of summer.  Thanks for popping by.

Lolo xx

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  1. Your garden looks amazing. I love hanging my washing on the line. I have a long line rather than a spinny one. Glad your puss-cat is ok. Em xx


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