Monday, 31 October 2011

Charity Shop Finds

Since going back to work full time I don't get as much time as I used to for a mooch around the charity shops.  Last week though I managed to pop in to a couple on my lunchbreaks. 
This bowl was outside the local Cats Protection League, a favourite of mine having cats and all.  The colour goes perfectly with other bits in my lounge and I couldn't believe the sticker only said £1.  It might end up in my kitchen though once it is decorated as I can see it filled with fruit on the kitchen table.
The very next day I went into the British Heart Foundation and this jug, in almost the identical colour as the bowl, was perched high up on a shelf.  What's the chance of that happening!  Home it came with me for a mere £1.50.
See, they were made for each other.  I did enjoy my little lunchtime visits and will definitely do them again, even though it means scoffing my sarnie as I trot down the high street.  Not a pretty sight but it's all in a good cause lol!

Thanks for popping by.
Lolo xx


  1. hi Lolo
    love that bowl! what a find.

  2. What perfect finds. I especially love the shape and colour of the bowl. xx

  3. ooh love those finds, gorgeous! And those pumpkins turned out very very well didn't they, just wonderful.


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