Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Merchant & Mills

I love discovering new online shops don't you.  Especially ones that sell all things sewing and in a grown up and stylish way.  This site is very classy and english indeedy.  They have a blog too.  My fave section is their dressmaking patterns.  I don't know about you gals, but I do struggle to find fashionable, wearable and flattering patterns.  Well at M&M they have some real fabby ones.
Courtesy of Merchant and Mills
Relaxed dress shirt with so many possibilities.  This is my style of clothing, not structured, hate structured.  Loose, breathable, comfortable clothing is what I like to hang out in.  It could be made as a dress, top, with sleeves, without, with varying length ones.  And then theres all the different fabrics it could be made in.  This picture is making me want to wear it longish with a pair of wellies and great big chunky cardigan.  Perfect!  You can see the pattern here.
Courtesy of Merchant and Mills
Another favourite is their Trapeze Dress which again can be made with sleeves or without.  In grey suiting fabric I could wear this to the office, and how comfy would that be.  See the pattern here.
Courtesy of Merchant and Mills
Fun eye test charts on there too.  Fancy one of these in my craftroom.
Courtesy of Merchant and Mills
Their artwork is spot on, clean, uncluttered, from a time when life was a more simple affair and people didn't have piles and piles of stuff in their homes.  A time when they also 'did' rather than just 'watch'.  See what this artwork has done to me, I've gone all reminiscent and wishful!

Anyway, go see for yourselves what goodies they have, you can find them here Merchant & Mills.  

And thank you to the lovely ladies over at the Womens Room Blog for bringing this wonderful website to my attention.

Lolo xx

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  1. I absolutely loooooove the balck dress. I can see me wearing taht with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and my black lace up boots, and feeling like a million dollars! I really would like to get a dress-makers dummy so that I can start to sew my own fashion. This dress would be the first thing I tried. Love it.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I can relate to the cooking thing. Before i started my healthy eating thing I never bothered to cook just for myself. Even now I prefer to bake than cook! Em x


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