Monday, 7 November 2011

Cath Kidston Treats

Do you ever feel the need to just pop out and buy yourself something pretty to cheer you up?  You do.  That's good to hear because I do too, sometimes its a bit too frequently but hey, we earn it right!  Well last weekend was one of those times and I found myself driving my car to the Cath Kidston outlet store, which for me is a few short miles up the road.  I know, too close right!  It was absolutely heaving when I got there, mothers with their children, girls with their boyfriends dutifully following them around with a basket full of goodies.  Oh the joy on the poor blokes faces lol! 
An apron.  I did um and ah over this purchase as I have a ton of this fabric and could have made at least two for the price of this one.  But do you know what made my mind up, the label on the front.  Yep I am that sad! I can't be the only one surely!  Can I?  Please tell me you do this too.
Oven gloves in a print I love for it's muted colours and flowers.  They were only £6.00 each which I thought was quite reasonable.  I get on so much better with this type rather than the joined together ones.

See I didn't go crazy.  Mind you that was probably more down to the fact that there wasn't actually a lot there this time.  I don't mean the shop was empty but just a lot of the same stuff filling it up.  Their lovely section of handbags had but a few to choose from, most unusual.  Perhaps this means they are getting ready for new lines, which you know is gonna make me go back sooner rather than later don't ya.

Thanks for popping by, I really do appreciate all your visits to my little world.
Lolo xx


  1. I would have bought it because of the label too, just not the same without.
    Great purchases, hope you enjoy using them.

    Hugs Jill x

  2. I will have to get there!! I will get there one day : ) x

    Sharon xx


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