Friday, 4 November 2011

Favourite thing on a Friday

Old photos.  Afternoon tea on the beach.  Grandparents looking so young and beautiful.  As grandchildren you forget that they were ever that young don't you. 
I love that my gramps is in his suit and they have proper crockery for their tea.

Street party, when street parties were something amazing for the kids to join in with.  Hidden amongst the little rascals above is my darling father.  He's the cheeky one in the white sailors hat pulling funny faces.  Yes that would be my dad all over, cheeky then, cheeky always.

So there you have it, my favourite thing this Friday is looking at old photos.  If you want to see what others have posted over at Mimi and Tilly's just click on the button in my sidebar.
Lolo xx


  1. I love old photos too. I think your grandma and grandad look fantastically beautiful. I love that they have such formal clothes and proper crockery. Your dad looks great fun. I have photos of my sister and I at a street party for Diana and Charles' wedding in 1981. I remember really clearly how much fun it was and that all the old folk in the street came out and danced on the green to waltzes! I was 12 at the time and made myself a special hat out of a cardboard cake dish and a bow off a bunch of flowers! I was a late developer of street cool... :)

  2. what a lovely couple of photos from back in the day when material things really didnt seem to bother. I recently have sortes through me dads photos, i have a lovely one of my grandparents, They had just had their pic taken after winning in ballroom dancing in Crewe x Thankyou for sharing x x


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