Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's Catching Up With Me!

It's all catching up with me real fast now due to my house looking like this over the past 3 weeks.
Mental note: don't book decorators in before Christmas, especially when they over run by a week.

I've yet to get any of my decs out of the loft, little sister will be called upon this weekend, you see I can't go in lofts on account of 2 steps up a ladder and I get vertigo.
A trip to my local garden centre is needed to choose my real christmas tree.  This is a first for me as I usually go the artificial route but I'm fed up with spending over an hour putting it together before I even put any decs on it.  I'm told that the Nordman Fir as the way to go, no sharp needles, good when you have cats and the needles don't drop so much either.

Am also thinking I may have lost my chance to book an online delivery slot, what are the chances of any being left?  
Yep, still in the bag!  Can you see the theme running through here, told you I was way behind.  I did manage to order most of the christmas presents online last night, thank the lord for the internet.  It was a lovely feeling knowing that some nice man will deliver them all to my house ready for me to wrap in pretty paper.
What I need is to sit down with one of these and a notebook.  Lists need to be made to help clear my mind of all the jumble.  Yes I'll feel much better after this I'm sure!

Hope all your plans are going well, I've been popping round blogland and it's all looking so lovely and festive.
Lolo xx

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