Monday, 19 December 2011

6 More Sleeps to Go!

Till this little fella drops down our chimneys!
I love that Santa is given a bottle of coke.

Things are slowly taking shape round here now and I feel slightly less harrassed and almost, dare I say it, organised.  Food deliveries are arriving tomorrow evening when I get home from work, life saver.  House is now looking like it's christmas, picked up my first real tree on the weekend.  The lights were another story though, a bit like gold dust round these parts.  Did everyone buy new sets this year?  The ones that were left were these new fandango LED ones with that scarey bright white light!  I can't be dealing with that so made do with last years in the end.  Am hoping to have some piccies to upload although a bit tricky when it's dark so early but I'll give it a go.

Are you all set for big day?  

Lolo xx

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