Thursday, 5 January 2012

Beginning of January - Resolution Time

Whether we go in for them or not new year's resolutions are hard to avoid.  They are everywhere, in magazines, newspapers, tv, and radio.  They are also the main part of conversations in the workplace as we all go over how we need to improve our lives, homes or careers.
Now I've avoided jumping on this bandwagon for the past couple of years but this year is different.  You see I got on the scales after Xmas and had to jump right back off them and check they were working properly.  Surely not, that can't be right.  Back on I got and yep, damn things were right, it was official, I am fat!  I didn't really need some common bathroom scales to tell me this, my clothes had been doing a good job of it over the past few months.

So, like many others around the globe I am now officially on a New Year diet with some exercise thrown in every now and then.  Well a girl has to take it easy in the first few weeks so as not to shock the system too much.  Achieving my goal will be done in the privacy of my home and I certainly won't be doing any of this, and they ask you for £6 a week for the privilege!
Tried this route a few years ago, and yes it did work, but each weekly visit involved the ritual of turning up having not eaten since the night before and about ready to pass out at any moment.  Dashing to the loo, along with many others, to squeeze out the last bit of 'pee' coz that's really gonna make a huge difference, not!  Oh and as you get closer in the queue to the actual weighing part you start stripping off your clothes to the minimum you can get away with without being arrested, because we all know our clothes weigh a good half a stone don't we.

So my journey to becoming thinner has begun, this is my 3rd day of not consuming enough calories to keep a small football team going!  So far it's not been too bad and on the plus side my body is now getting some good nutritional fodder in it.  I also have a great little app on my iPad to help me along, and my trusty digital scales.   Anyone else out there on a weight loss mission?


  1. Good luck with your weight loss mission, I too am going to be doing the same!

    Whilst I'm not unhappy with my weight I have put on a little more than I'd like the past 6 months after indulging in numerous boozy lunches at work!

    I want to get fit, start eating more healthy again instead of relying on takeaways and hopefully lose weight!

    I use my fitness pal too!

    Victoria xx

  2. Good Luck!
    My resolution is to declutter, I'm even writing a new blog on the subject!
    I'd love to loose weight too!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

  3. You can do it! Go Lolo! (Sorry I just felt compelled to be supportive as I know how crap it is to want to eat crisps and jelly tots and be denied!) I've been eating enough to sink a ship over the Christmas season so am a tad nervous about what I'm going to find when I weigh myself at the wekend. But, I'll just get back on my healthy eating wagon and reign myself in again! Big hugs for a magical 2012. Em xxx


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