Sunday, 22 January 2012

White and Grey

My oh my, have been a bit lapsidaisical with the old blog lately.  But then January is always a funny month for me, I just want to get it out of the way and get on with the year ahead.  I have been busying away in the background though, decluttering like a demon which always takes hold of me this time of year as I am sure it does a lot of people after the excesses of Christmas.  Craft room is having a much needed makeover with some new shelving purchased from the big blue store along with copious amounts of their clear storage boxes, I kid you not I now own 40 of the things!  There'll be some piccies when it's done, which knowing me will be a while longer yet.  Speed is not my strong point.

Today was a good example of my dithering, when I should have been building said shelving I instead found myself slobbing on the sofa surfing.  It wasn't long before I was on Pinterest looking at all things white and grey.  I've always loved grey for clothing but for home interiors I fell out of love with it when it was always being teamed with baby pink.  Thankfully it has taken on a much more dreamy and classy look these days.

Please can I have one of these at the bottom of my woodland garden where it meets the stream bubbling past through the bushes.  I wish!  It'll will have to go at the bottom of my little terraced garden and I will imagine the rest when I am sat in it with my glass of wine.

Beautifully crafted flowers out of cashmere, very classy.

Okay this one has pinks in it but it was too pretty to miss out.  I would actually love washing days if my drying area looked like this.

Definitely a me outfit.  Scarves are a big thing of mine and you very rarely see me without one on, even in the height of summer.

Someone had a very steady hand to do this icing.  It is truly beautiful and would make a lovely alternative to the traditional red on valentines day don't you think.

Oh well enough time wasting, I really must go and do some more sorting out in the craftroom.  Thanks for popping by.  Are you counting down the days of January like me?

Lolo xx


  1. My new front room will focus on grey... and not with baby pinks either!!

    Victoria xx

  2. ooo these are beautiful photos =) the very top one i have in a folder on my desktop! it's inspiration for when i finally convert my garage into a little lodge =)

    i fell in love with the colours too.. And the bed! (^_^)

    thankyou for sharing! I just signed up for pinterest today =)

    Chloe x

  3. Hi Lolo, thank you for your lovely comment on my post. I felt a tad nervous putting my thoughts out into the internet ether but figured "in for a penny...". It was lovely to get so much support from you and other people who read my blog and really made my day. I'm sat here in my dressing gown and all in one thermal under-fleece onesie thing to try and keep warm. Look like a total scarecrow! Big hugs, Em x

  4. wow lovin the /shed/tree house thingy and yep a babbling stream wildlife fluttering by the sun peeking through the trees aw sounds lovely...bump!!! back to relity loving the collection of pinks and grey actually a fav combination hugs sassy thanks for a enjoyable read hun xx


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