Friday, 30 March 2012

Candlestick Makeover

Told you I had the bug, yep more painting and more transformations.  The weather is helping mightily and I hope it lasts.

Gold coloured metal candlestick, nice enough but I don't really do gold in my house

As with the birdhouse first coat was a pale grey.

Sanded lightly to reveal some of the grey underneath then waxed and buffed to a sheen.

The candlestick to the left was originally clear glass.  On this one I painted off white first, then the grey over the top and just sanded lightly, no wax applied to this time.  I may end up waxing it but for now am liking the flat mat contrasting with the other candlesticks.

Off to do some more painting.

Lolo xx

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