Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Favourite Makeover So Far

Am really in the swing of this painting lark now.  Garden looks like an artists studio and my hair has taken on a nice grey tinge from all the sanding, thankfully nobody has knocked at my door as I fear they would have run off screaming!

Hmm must clean patio this weekend before the hosepipe ban next week.

This little mannequin came home with me last summer from a car boot sale.  I wasn't loving the outfit though.

Coat of grey applied first, can you see the theme I'm building here.

Here she is in her new outfit.  Much more feminine. 

I only painted a top coat of white onto the body and left the stand in the grey.  Did some light sanding using one of those foam sanding sheets which are washable and have to say they are brilliant.  Because they are so soft and pliable you can easily get into all the little crevices and details of an object.  Your fingers don't take such a bashing either.  Really love how she turned out and she goes beautifully with the newly made over coffee table.  Photo frame in the background is from Ikea in case you were wondering.

Till next time.
Lolo xx


  1. totally agree poppett... loads more femine love them things lol!!! i have one im tempted to do..but im never perhaps i should just go for it....hugs sasssyx

  2. It looks so much prettier now. I love the colours.

  3. Much prefer the mannequin after your make over!

    Victoria xx

  4. Totally fab!!!! I'm loving your garden too. I'm rubbish when it comes to paint makeovers. I just get it all wrong and end up with a mess! I'm loving your blog makeover again. Your header is beautiful. Big hugs for a happy Easter. Em x


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