Friday, 13 July 2012

Mummy Loves You Porgy

My beautiful boy went to sleep last Sunday for the last time.  The tears falling from my face onto his as I kissed him goodbye.  He was a very special cat who from day one would love nothing more than to lay over my shoulder like a little baby and snuggle into my neck.  Morgan, porgy, woowoos, tiggy wiggys, you were a boy with many names, a mummy's boy, where I was you were never far behind.  You gave me so much love and made me smile.  Mummy loves and misses you so so much Porgy.  Forever in my heart and never ever forgotten.  Rest easy in your new home with your cousins and listen out for the love and kisses that I send to you each and every day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh, Lolo! I'm so sorry to read this. Your post has reduced me to tears. It is an awful thing to have to say goodbye to a beloved pet. It was a year last week since our beautiful puss went missing and we never found out what happened to him. It breaks my heart. Love and hugs to you, my lovely. God bless Porgy. xxxx

  2. Oh KAren I'm SO sorry my lovely
    I'm sat here with tears in my eyes now
    Know how you feel, we get so attached to our babies
    Hugest ((HUGS))
    mandi xx

  3. I'm so sorry, big hugs and love to you. xxx

  4. aw bless you...and i have tears writing this i can hardly focous on the keyboard..i know how you feel ...gees im sobbing like a good un now sweet dreams precious porgy...mummy is missing you....i dread the day when i say goodbye to my baby marvina too...i lost my two persian babies who were sisters leah left me 6 yrs ago & then a year later my sharna went to be at her sisters side and i cried for weeeks and still do they were so precious gentle hugs blowing your way sassyx ....xxxx

  5. Sending a hug your way, I know how devastating it is to loose a dear family member. He lookes such a gorgeous boy.


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