Sunday, 13 January 2013

Janome Sewing Machines

I've decided to upgrade my current Brother sewing machine which has served me well for the past 8 years but I want something more than just the basic stitches.  I was lucky enough to test a couple of machines out over Xmas which were computerised models.  The main things that I now can't do without are the speed control, needle up/down and the stop/start button so you don't even have to use the foot pedal.

Janome machines seem to be very popular and their stitch quality is excellent and searching online I've found this machine currently on sale at John Lewis for £369.  Not cheap considering my old Brother was a mere £90 but I figure this will last me a very long time as there are lots of decorative stitches and an alphabet too.

It would be a really great help if anybody reading this has a Janome machine or do you have a machine to recommend with these sort of features.  This is a considered purchase for me so any advice will be greatly welcomed.

For info the two machines I tested were the Janome 30 stitch computerised machine and the Silver 200+ stitch computerised machine.  The Janome knocked socks off the Silver in both build quality and stitch quality, but the Silver machine spoilt me with all the choice of stitches making the Janome selection seem very limited and basic.  Hence the searching for a Janome with more stitch choice.

Lolo xx


  1. hello would love to get my mitts on this i do love sewing i used to sew all the time till the eyes got bad...but i have wanted a computorised model they look so it one you can leave to get on with it while you go for a cuppa.if so my ideal machine heres wishing you many happy hours of sewing...hugs sassyxxxx my machine is a janome but not a fancy one...mores the pity

  2. She looks a real beauty. I'm sure you'll have many hours of fun with her :)


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