Monday, 14 January 2013

My first foof for my iPad

I needed a project to test the two machines I had over Xmas so came up with my own version of the "Foof".  There are loads of lovely ones on the internet but I wanted to use a fabric of my choice.  So using my iPad as my template I cut out a long piece of grey felt, long enough to go around the iPad 4 times.  I then cut a piece of the interfacing half the length of the grey felt.  Now it would have been good if I took some photos of the process but I wasn't that organised so apologies.

Laying the grey felt out flat and then laying the interfacing on top in the middle you then fold over the ends of the grey felt to meet in the middle and encase the interfacing.  Hope this is making sense.  I then stitched the top of the felt to the interfacing where they joined in the middle taking care not to stitch to the felt underneath.  

Choosing one of the decorative stitches I sewed these along the top edeges of the foof and finished it all off by sewing the sides together using a zig zag stitch.
Not the neatest of finishes but my iPad fits great inside it and it is lovely and soft and cuddly.  I will find a nicer piece of ribbon to go round the middle but for now it will have to make do with this scrap of interfacing.

Going to make one for my iTouch next, it'll be a little mini me!


Lolo xx

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