Friday, 15 March 2013

Google Reader discontinues 1 July 2013

Afternoon bloggy world.  Do you use Google Reader like I do to keep track of posts on your favourite blogs?  Apparently this service is being withdrawn by Google on 1st July this year.  Not entirely happy about this but don't think they will stop it just coz of little of me eh!

They do say that you can easily import your RSS subscriptions into other readers out there so I tried it with my Bloglovin account which up to now was only used intermittently.  They are obviously on the ball as when you log in there is a message telling you how to import your google feeds instantly.  So I clicked the button and hey presto all my lovely blogs were there safe and sound.

It's not quite as user friendly as Google Reader but that is probably because I am not used to it.  I do use an app called Feedler on my iPad so I will investigate this for use on my PC.  Anyway in response to Google's announcement I have moved my Bloglovin button to the top of my sidebar.  

Will you miss Google Reader?

Love Lolo


  1. I'd heard about Google Reader being discontinued, but wasn't sure how else to follow my favorite blogs (not too good with computer stuff!!), so your info about Bloglovin came at a good time - I've signed up and imported everything very easily. Thank you!!

  2. Thankyou so much,just done it & have to say,it's much nicer visually too :D x


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