Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wow 2 blog awards from the lovely Susie

What a lovely surprise to find these waiting for me! It's silly o'clock in the morning and I should really be in bed but got sidetracked catching up on the 'Home' show that goes out on channel 4. I had 6 of them backed on my Sky+ box! Came upstairs to switch off the PC but couldn't resist checking my blog, am so glad I did as the lovely Susie over at Sassy Designs had given me these lovely awards.

The words on these 2 awards really sum up what blogging is all about for me, unending support from lovely people who also make me smile. That's what life should be made of, love and happiness. Ooh get me going all mushy on ya!

Hmm, who to put on my list of 6 fave blogs of the moment (I know it should be 10 but I was always a rule breaker at school, so why stop now, tee hee). Here we go girls, you are, in no particular order:

  1. Little Gem
  2. Live Love Laugh
  3. Vikki's Albums
  4. Our Shabby Cottage
  5. Lissy Lou
  6. Sassy's Secrets

Girls, really appreciate the time you take to leave me comments, always puts a smile on my face and I love popping by to see what you have been up to ;o) If any of you haven't visited these ladies before you really should pop by and say hello.

That's it eyelids are twitching now! Off to bed, sleep tight everyone xx


  1. oh thank you, this has made my day. And congrats on you recieving them too, you deserve them x

  2. aw shucks ive gone all shy....and a tad embaressed....cause i dont think i deserve all these fabulous award....but shift over paltrow their mine lol!!!! thanks very very much sweetie hunnie hope you eventually nodded wouldnt have taken much rocking...hehe hugs love sassyx

  3. Aw thankyou so much for my awards :) I will post about them next week after I have done my birthday giveaway draw XX

  4. Gee, thank you for thinking of me! I really appreciate your visits to me too!! Big sigh....

  5. Congratulations on receiving these lovely awards Lolo, And thankyou so much for awarding them to me too, You are such a sweetie and i really appreciate it. I will display them proudly on my blog and pass them on to some other lovely bloggers today.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx


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