Monday, 10 August 2009

Lazy Days in the garden

A balmy Sunday afternoon, why could it be summer has arrived. Please stay a while this time won't you, we have missed you soooo much! Sitting in the garden with my cats and a lovely cuppa I snapped away in the sunshine. Oh how it makes the garden look much nicer, you don't notice the jobs that need doing so much. So lets start with the kitties.

My sweet little Levi

Her brother Morgan

And my adopted Alfie

Then there are the plants, they are not doing too badly considering they have survived two monsoons, a drought and lack of vitamin D!

The beans, french and runner, french are fairing badly though

My qvc apple tree, first year with a crop but they have a lot of hailstone damage

Colourful Bizzy Lizzies my mum got me, they just flower constantly which I love.

And there she is, that thing that a lot of us haven't seen in ages, beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds. What else do we need! xx

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