Sunday, 29 November 2009

Chocolate Mousse and Teacups

I had the pleasure of my niece staying with me the other night on a trip home from Uni. She is a great lover of cooking particularly desserts! So out came my vintage china and lots of chocolate, and this is the result.

This is one of Nigella's easy chocoloate mouse recipes which you can find here.

She found my royal icing stash so we had a go at making some roses. Oh and we added some Cointreau to the cream for good measure ;o).

The teacups are part of a set with sideplates that I got from a charity shop in the summer. I love how the cups are hexagonal shaped.

We had lots of icing left over which rather than being used to create some delicate flowers it ended up like this!

Think we will stick to the roses! xx


  1. It would seem such a shame to eat them they look so pretty!

    Victoria xx

  2. Yum, looks amazing and I love your china too!
    Morwenna xo

  3. Wow they look fabulous! And I can tell NO calories!

    Hope they were yummy


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