Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sitting here watching QVC with K&Company

I should really be in bed but it's a K & Company TSV on QVC shopping channel tonight. It's a giant 12x12 paper pad of 360 sheets, 120 designs 3 of each one! And all for the bargain price of £23.16 +p&p! That's just 7p per sheet, not bad eh!
Megan their representative always has such lovely and imaginative samples to demonstrate on the show. She is on during tonights show with Dawn Bibby and then back on again tomorrow evening at 8pm if you want to see more of her demos/products.

Now I know I definitely don't need anymore paper but what's a girl to do at this price! xx


  1. Oh I wish I hadn't read that ha ha! I'm having an overwhelming urge to check out the website now!!! And I do not need any more paper!!!!

  2. I share Kellys comment. I see and I get an urge, trouble with me I want to do so much and find little time. I would love to see what you make with all your pretties, i guess i should now go and check out your cards!
    Thank you for sharing the idea though!
    Carol x


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