Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wedding and Baby

A couple of more cards commissioned to take back to the States with my Aunt.

Who else but Anna Griffin produces such timeless classic designs in paper craft. Oh so elegant and transferrable to weddings.

Added a contemporary twist but using some shocking pink satin ribbon as a real contrast to the pale grey of the papers. Made an envelope liner with co-ordinating paper.

Thought this sentiment was just beautiful, printed it onto A4 cream paper and folded to make the insert.

The two little doves were enhanced by using a glue pen to trace along their wings and then sprinkled them with antique gold fine glitter.

Oh baby it's another shower! This time I put a brolly on the card which was just cut out of cardstock from a drawing found on Clipart.

Those cardstock alphabet stickers I have had for ages, by American Crafts and from QVC. Forgot I had them to be honest, I know probably have too much stuff!! Anyway they are really great quality and love the muted colours of them.

The edges of the brolly were glittered as were the two white stripes going across the background paper.

Supplies List:

Papers - Anna Griffin
Glitter - stash
Cardstock - Anita's
Alphabet stickers - American Crafts
Ribbon - stash


  1. What wonderful cards you make, I can't wait till next year when I should have my own craft room and can start making my own cards!

    Thank you for your comment on my post today, I really do recommend the calculator. Like I said i would avoid things because I'd think they were too high or equally treat myself to things think they were a little treat and they were really bad so it just gives you the extra guidance to make an "informed decision" on what you choose to eat. Pardon the pun but... food for thought and all that!!!

    Victoria xx

  2. I'm back again, I've just seen your comment on Dolly Dollop's about Boston and I'd love to hear more about it. I'm a complete NYC fan and have been many times but Boston is my list but I always worry I'll visit and not enjoy it as much as Boston!

    I hope you don't mind me asking but I guessed with family out there you'd be the one to speak to!

    Victoria x


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