Thursday, 11 February 2010

An Invitation Order

Another day and some good news.  I've been commissioned to make 30 invitations for a 40th birthday party!  Took some samples round and discussed colours and luckily she liked my ideas, phew!

It is a really nice feeling making a special order like this.  Can't wait to get stuck in, just need some of the ribbons to arrive then I'll be on my production line so to speak ;o)  Of course there will be a post displaying the finished results but they will have to remain secret until they've been posted out.  You just never know who pops on your blog do you!


  1. Well done you!! Can't wait to see them!!!

  2. Well done Karen

    Look forward to seeing them

    mandi xx

  3. Excellent, good for you. It's so great to be asked to make invitations, I love it. Enjoy and don't forget to let us see what you make. x

  4. Well done I am so happy for you :) Mmmmm she said a quid off the net didn't she, somehow don't think it shall be as easy as that, please do let me know if get some letters and who you go with, the ones I have seen seem to cost more than a quid ;0)



  5. Great news about your order, judging by all your other work I'm sure whatever you create will be fabulous

    Victoria xx


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