Monday, 17 October 2011

One good turn deserves another

Yesterday I kept my promise and helped the BF ferry his beloved motorbikes to the garage, you see he is trading up, to some new black shiny one.  He did tell me in great detail what the bike was etc etc but after a few minutes I glazed over as I understood none of it!  You know how it goes ladies, a bit like when we come home with our latest find for the home and gush about it to them knowing that after a nano second their interest will be lost!!

Anyway for my good deed I got to do a little bit of retail therapy, just a little bit mind, the poor fella can't cope with more than a couple of shops bless him.  So not long ago a store called The Range which I had always heard good things about from up North opened a branch up near us so of course I had to investigate for research purposes.

Well I'm telling ya, I love it.  Cross between Dunelms, Wilkinsons and Hobbycraft but better!  The doorstop above cost a whopping £2.99 and it's beautifully made.  The little building blocks which I've always loved and admired in another well known and pricier home interiors store (famous for flowery frocks in the 70s) were a mere snip at £3.99, I tell yee my little eyes were darting everywhere with glee.

They actually feel much nicer and better finished than the pricey ones.  Edges are all lovely and smooth.

Doorstop even comes with two painted wooded hearts which I'll probably hang somewhere else.

French inspired wall hook, yep a bargainlicious (is there such a word) £2.49, so I bagged two of them, it would have been rude not too wouldn't it?  Not exactly sure where I am going to hang them but that is not the point is it ladies.

Now I confess I did go to the said pricey home interiors store because I just love to window shop really, and also because they had 25% off of their paint and I use their Pale Twine alot in my house.  Don't worry I'm not going to show you a picture of a tin of paint, but I couldn't resist splashing out on their union jack doormat in duck egg colours.

Do you like?  It was £20 which I didn't think was too horrendous and does cheer me up everytime I see it, which is a good thing considering I'll be crossing over it every day!

So do you think that was a fair swap?
Lolo xx


  1. I absolutely love your buys! The blocks are amazing, can you imagine how long they'd take to make them? (Says she who has a box of vintage children's blocks ready for a make-over - maybe I'll visit Dunelms instead!).

  2. ooh where is this place The Range, it looks full of treasure?


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