Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Baby Bottom Butter

Okay I am about 3 years behind on this one, but there might be some of you out there like me who completely missed all the hype.  I am talking about Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, how cute is the name first off.  And the packaging is oh so clean and relaxing to look at.
On a glowing recommendation from my friend I went and purchased my first pot of this to try a week ago and have been in love with it ever since.  First off the smell is divine, slight vanilla but not too overpowering.  When you open the pot you just want to sniff it for a while.  Once done smelling it I tested some out on my hands.  It is a butter formulation so it's solid in the pot and you only need a tiny amount as it is very rich.  I found it great for my cuticles and those dry bits you get down the side of your nails.  It is a little greasy so you would have to wait a while for it sink in before doing stuff, perfect for night time use though.
For skin as soft as a baby's
A few days later I tried it on my face, I have normal/combination skin so did this at night.  Wow!  The next morning my face and neck felt sooo soft I couldn't stop touching it.  I've only used it on my face for few nights but it has made a real difference to how my skin feels with make up on.  I don't have those dry bits round my nose and stuff and it feels like velvet now.  My tired little feet are going to be given the bottom butter treatment next, they deserve it!

At £2.85 a pot this will be a beauty staple for me from now on.  It is also going to appear in the Xmas stockings of my female relations!  

I'd be very interested to know what experiences you have had with this product.  

Lolo xx


  1. oohh thanks for the tip off, I will have to get some of that next time I go shopping. x

  2. i remember the hype but never tried it. Maybe i will xx

  3. always said if its good enough for babies bums its good enough for me lol!! people have commented on me having a face like smaked arse many times heheh only wehen im in a bad mood though.... so i might just go give this a try its only sassy wandering through your blog have missed it and you of course your entertaining reads and projects but back now for a while till my mojo wanders off again hugs sassyxxxx


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